The Living Area/Main Hut

This Bedouin inspired room, with low tables, mattress and cushions covering the ground, is the heart of Basata, the central gathering place. The breeze floats in and out, unhindered by the presence of walls and large Bedouin rugs cover the straw mats upon which only bare feet are allowed to tread.

During the day, the bamboo roof shades those lounging inside, casually reading, conversing, playing chess or backgammon.  In the evening, the area comes alive as dinner is served family style and everyone dives into the great platters of delicious food, alternating between fresh fish and vegetarian meals. After dinner, many like to migrate, with their coffee or tea (there is no alcohol at Basata), to the sitting areas closest to the sea where the absence of a roof allows one to see the shooting stars explode in what seems to be the clearest sky in the world.

This area is softly lit with electricity from our generators allowing guests to read or play games late into the night.