The Basata Concept and Philosophy

Basata is not an average tourist village, it is an eco-lodge with an underlying philosophy of trust, community and cultural understanding.

An eco-lodge as defined by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) is a “nature-dependent tourist lodge that offers the tourist an educational and participatory experience, and is developed and managed in an environmentally sensitive manner.”

Basata's concept and philosophy were devised and developed by Sherif El Ghamrawy in response to his desire to preserve the pristine and at the time undeveloped area he chose to establish the eco-lodge. 

It attempts to create a unique form of tourism that has a relatively low impact on the surrounding environment and the native inhabitants, the Bedouins. Neither the eco-lodge nor the underlying philosophy are static, both are organic and continue to evolve and develop according to the requirements of the guests and the environment. 

The distinctive environmental issues facing Basata and the entire coastal region of the Sinai include but are not limited to preserving the abundant marine life and the beauty of the desert from environmental impact and both protecting and supporting the culture of the Bedouins. Therefore,  Basata's concept and philosophy focuses on architecture, waste, recycling and responsible tourism.