The School

Sherif built the Basata Primary School and Kindergarten as an educational forum for both his children and the local Bedouin children.

Its central philosophy combines the environment, language and culture into every aspect of the basic curriculum – something between Montessori, Steiner and traditional education styles. The students are recipients of a holistic and comprehensive educational experience. 

Each year, one teacher instructs the children in Arabic, social studies and religion while the others teaches English, math, science art, computer science and German.  The classes are small (think one-room classroom) which ensures personal attention and individual tutoring for every student.  Most of the  teachers live in Basata and develop close relationships with the students outside of the classroom (swimming together, making pancakes in the morning, slumber parties).

There are also a few field trips during the year, including a day’s hike up and down the coast, with tea breaks at different Bedouin villages along the way and then the bigger trip into Cairo for a few nights that includes the outrageously popular trips to the zoo and Dream Park.  The children travel to Dahab to take their official, government administered exams.

Recently, the Egyptian American Bank generously donated five computers to the school, and now, computer education is an important part of the standard curriculum.