Colored Canyon

The Colored Canyon took its name from the sandstone walls that flank it.  They feature remarkable hues and shades of color, ranging from white to yellow to varying degrees of red, extremely reminiscent of Petra in Jordan.  An eerie silence prevails in the area surrounded by these steep and narrow sandstone walls that sharply rise to a considerable height all carved by water erosion.  Engulfed by the canyon, hikers can see only a sliver of blue sky above. 

Ain Khudra

The oasis of Ain Khudra, where Miriam was struck by leprosy for criticizing Moses, is a beautiful destination. It is spring of exceedingly pure water, and a deep well, around which a small settlement of Bedouins has settled. The contrast between the green palms of the oasis, the yellow / beige of the sand, the gleaming white of the limestone and the red of the sandstone make it one of the most exquisite areas in Sinai.

Ain Umm Ahmed

The least visited and most beautiful oasis in the Sinai is Ain Umm Ahmed.  The largest oasis in eastern and southern Sinai, it is a huge palm grove interspersed with small gardens and orchards cultivated by the few Bedouin families that live in the nearby village.  The oasis features numerous pools for swimming, indicating the abundance of water that springs forth from long subterranean passages.  There is also a famous stream that becomes an icy river in the winter months.  This water, gathered by the Bedouins, is contained in the numerous cisterns that are partially concealed amidst the palm trees.  A climb up Ras al-Kalb (“head of a dog”), a 1, 000 meter mountain (rope required), provides stunning views of Umm Ahmed and the surrounding wilderness and a hike in the bedrock allows for swimming in the cisterns of Wadi al-Ain.

Ein Malha

It is a day trip that starts first by Camel Ride, followed by a hike until reaching Weshwashi spot. Weshwashi is 3-level natural pools that get filled when it rains heavily in the region. You’d be fortunate to swim through it! In general you could climb up Weshwashi. The trip then proceeds until you reach “well” (Ein) Malha!

This is usually the first day on your trip the Coloured Canyon, if you plan for the 3-night trip!