Architecture, Building, and Landscaping

Construction of buildings and huts in Basata is conducted in harmony with the Sinai landscape.  Each is uniquely designed and constructed using only natural materials endemic to the region by Egyptian architects and workers using traditional methods and reflecting traditional Egyptian architecture.  This unique architecture affords guests a feel for the local culture.  In addition, through optimal use of natural wind patterns, there is no need for air-conditioning or any other form of artificial cooling.

The use of indigenous building materials significantly benefits the building process.  Only materials that are biodegradable (i.e. bamboo, clay and natural stones) are utilized.  Substances that pollute or damage the environment are not. The use of only organic materials promotes a healthy climate of living for all inhabitants and visitors. The amount of space between both, chalets and huts, allows for privacy, even during the high tourist season.  Construction can proceed at any time, unhindered, as the traditional forms of building do not include the use of any heavy construction equipment and there is no noise disturbance.

There is no artificial planting and landscaping of flora not endemic to the region.  Moreover, such greenery requires huge amounts of valuable water and polluting fertilizers and ultimately destroys the land.  Through the use of traditional architecture, the special character of the desert is preserved and enhanced.