energy saving and anti light-pollution measures

Energy Saving Attempts
Due to our location, and due to the lack of electricity provided in the region, we, unfortunately, resorted to setting up our own electricity generators,...

as we need electricity to provide for our guests’ needs and for lighting. We hope to eventually use renewable energy sources, but so far the solar energy that’s most adequate for the region is not affordable in terms of our project’s size and finances.

In general, we have no electricity provided in our huts. In the Chalets, we have basic electric equipment; no Air-Conditioners are installed, nor are TV sets, refrigerators, or electric entertainment facilities provided.

In winter time, we try to turn off our electricity generators for several hours during the day, since kitchen refrigerators are not in use as much. In addition, we replaced all light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs. Moreover, we use solar panels to heat water.

Anti-Light Pollution Efforts
Light Pollution results from misdirected or misused light, generally produced from bad lighting that leaks upward or sideways. Light pollution causes unnecessary energy consumption and it detracts from the amazing view of the desert stars.

In Basata, we try to use Good Lighting that is properly shielded and emits no direct light upwards towards the sky and is limited to certain areas only.

Your input:
We appreciate your recommendations to help us save more energy and/or to act against light-pollution! Most importantly suggestions and creative ideas on renewable energy are of great value to us!