Trust and Responsible Tourism

Basata operates on a system of honor and trust, something mostly forgotten in the hustle and bustle of modern day life. Upon arrival guests are given a piece of paper upon which they record the items that they take from the kitchen.  At the end of their stay, the bill is calculated accordingly.  Guests are also requested to adhere to the recycling system practiced here.  Bins are marked separating refuse into categories, glass, plastic, food waste and metal. These materials are then sent to a recycling plant or fed to the animals.  This open system puts responsibility back into the hands of the guests and makes them feel at home, thus increasing awareness of the effects of their actions on nature and on other people while leaving the area unspoiled for future generations.  Basata is a picturesque place that people cherish and return to year after year.  The effects are long lasting and teach all who experience it to work together with nature and not against.