El Karm

Sherif el Ghamrawy, owner and operator of Basata, has personally played a significant role in El Karm’s development and continues to act as an advisor. He has assisted in the training of staff through a worker exchange program.  Each week a few members of el Karm’s staff are invited to spend a few days working in Basata, thus allowing them to gain hands-on experience in the successful operation of an eco-lodge.  Two members of the Basata staff are also sent to el Karm regularly to provide intensive one-week training courses. In addition to assisting in training he has created a proposal on eco-management to assist them as they venture into the world of eco-tourism.

The vision and objective of this eco-lodge, as articulated by Sherif, revolves around the desire to see the Bedouins obtain a sustainable level of self-management.  This requires the continuance of the project and a training program that ensures the competence of each individual staff member so that they, without any external aid, are able to train future staff members. 

The Bedouins must also understand the importance of eco-management in order to maintain a successful and profitable venture.  A fundamental aspect of this is the creation of a basic set of rules that respect both the tribe’s traditions as well as the surrounding environment. 

In addition to its environmental aspirations, the lodge strives to preserve and strengthen the rich Bedouin heritage.  The Bedouins are encouraged to gather as much information about their surrounding environment, traditions, culture and habits in order to educate tourists.  After all, much of the allure of the lodge is that it offers an authentic Bedouin experience, allowing the visitor a glimpse into their lifestyle.