The most luxurious option for accommodation is the chalet.
Each of the ten chalets is constructed of mud brick and has its own unique and charming Bedouin(oriental) design and decoration.

The designs are done by Ramy el Dahan & Soheir Farid ( inspired by Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy, renowned for his concepts on architecture for the poor and his use of natural and endemic building materials only. While many places have imitated his style, we use both the materials and designs as he originally intended.

All chalets have large beds (we provide the linens), modern bathrooms, and electricity. They have been constructed to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Some of the chalets have rooftop terraces while all of them have patios overlooking the beach and the Red Sea. Some are large enough to house up to six people while others are ideal for a couple.

It is recommended to bring your own towels and soap as we don't provide any.