Our huts are all made of reed & bamboo and have straw mats covering the ground.
Each is uniquely designed and constructed using natural materials indigenous to the area. There are eighteen huts on the beach.  Each is simply and pleasantly decorated using Bedouin handicrafts.

Some of the huts have two rooms and are quite spacious, comfortably accommodating up to eight people, while others are more intimate, perfect for a couple on a romantic getaway.

All have small pillows and mattresses on the ground or raised beds, however you must provide your own bedding and linens.

Each hut has a shaded balcony overlooking the Red Sea, perfect for reading, chatting or dreaming. Since the huts were designed to be beautifully simple, natural and close to the sea, they do not have private bathrooms and are not equipped with electricity, two bathrooms on either side of Basata are serving.

When the moon is full, such artificial light is superfluous while on darker nights, we suggest using candles, a far more romantic alternative. Huts are not air-conditioned but instead, allow the cool breezes to act as a natural air conditioner.