The Sinai

The Sinai, is a region of beauty and historical significance.  It has been a place of conquest, conflict and refuge for thousands of years.

In its most recent incarnation, however, it is a haven for the many tourists seeking sun, safaris or a religious experience.  Bordered on the north by the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded, by the Red Sea gulfs of Aqaba to the east and the Suez to the west, it is the only land bridge linking the continents, Africa and Asia.  Its southern interior is filled with jagged, red-tinged mountains and vast stretches of colorful desert, sprinkled with patches of lush green oases.  This desert, the third largest in Egypt contains rich mineral deposits of copper, gold and turquoise that were once mined by the Pharaohs.  Desert and sea are Sinai’s defining elements and together create panoramas that are unrivalled in their grandeur and exquisite beauty.