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1   Link   Lonely Planet
Basata,one of the "Top 10 eco-lodges"
2   Link   Guardian
The five best beach escapes.
3   Link   Touregypt
Basata a beach haven in Egypt’s Sinai.
4   Link   Webshots
Basata pictures!
5   Link   Islam Online
Egypt’s hidden vacation treasure.
6   Link   Guardian (again)
Egypt’s first ecolodge.
7   Link   Worlds Together Travel
Ecovillage in Egypt’s Sinai Penninsula.
8   Link   Matadortrips
Egyptian paradise.
9   Link   Ramy el Dahan & Soheir Farid
The architects of the basata chalets.
10   Link   The Expeditioner
Basata. So much more than just an ecolodge.
11   Link   Independent
Totally besotted with Basata.
12   Link   Ekimondo
The art of responsible traveling.
13   Link   Hemaya
"It was due to Basata that I started the larger recycling project, Hemaya” says Sherif.
14   Link   el Karm
Located in St. Katherine’s Protectorate, about a two-hour walk through the desert from the monastery, El Karm is the most recent addition to Egypt’s growing eco-tourism market.
15   Link   Faresmovies
This is the site of the famous FARESMOVIES!