Located between two small mountains on a serene and protected bay, Basata has one of the only white sand beaches in the area.  There are magnificent coral reefs on either side of the bay with coral patches inside and a coral wall enclosing it.  There is no particular place one has to swim to in order to snorkel, as the entire bay is teeming with unusual marine life and colorful coral.  One can venture deep into the Gulf of Aqaba, it is a thrilling experience to float between the massive coral wall and the velvet blue abyss of the sea or, for those less daring, a few quick strokes is enough to find parrotfish, lionfish, and sea urchins among much more.  It is very easy to lose oneself examining the underwater activity and suddenly realize that the whole day has gone by.  We ask that our guests be respectful of the inhabitants of the ocean and not step on or touch the coral. 
(look for some fishes in the gallery)

*Basata does not allow diving, as an attempt to protect the coral reef and its inhabitants.